MLB Staff Picks

AL Playoff Teams:

Jim Chandley- Boston Red Sox, Minnesota Twins, Oakland A’s, New York Yankees(wildcard)

Brendan Tyman- Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, Oakland A’s, New York Yankees(wildcard)

NL Playoff Teams:

Jim- Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets (wildcard)

Brendan- New York Mets, Chicago Cubs, Arizona Diamondbacks, St. Louis Cardinals (wildcard)


Brendan- Grady Sizemore

Jim- Matt Holiday


Brendan- David Wright

Jim- Manny Ramirez

AL Rookie of the Year:

Brendan- Matt Wieters

Jim- Travis Snider

NL Rookie of the Year:

Brendan- Tommy Hanson

Jim- Cameron Maybin

AL Cy Young:

Brendan- Josh Beckett

Jim- Jon Lester

NL Cy Young:

Brendan- Dan Haren

Jim- Tim Lincecum (again)

Playoff Breakdown:


Divisional Playoffs

Boston beats Oakland in 3 and New York handles Cleveland in 4. Cubs beat Arizona in 5 and Mets take St. Louis in 3.

League Championships

Sox deep pitching overcomes Yankees in wild 7 games. Cubs defeat Mets in 7.

World Series
Sox over Cubs in 6 because of the pitching.


Divisional Playoffs

Boston Beats Minnesota in 4, Oakland beats New York in 3.  Cubs beat Mets in 4, Phillies beat Dodgers in 4.

League Championships

Boston beats Oakland in 7. Phillies beat Cubs in 5.

World Series

Boston beats Phillies in 7.


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